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Make sure your home is prepared for winter

By Kevin Kelly

Winter is here, which means so too is the rain and cold weather.

Rainfall amounts have been ticking up recently, and property owners in Bunbury will want to take every precaution to ensure their home remains safe and sound throughout the season. Have no fear; with a few repairs and adjustments, your home will remain warm and dry over the coming months.

Roof and gutters

We're at the tail-end of autumn which likely means piles of leaves have accumulated in your gutters. Wait for a sunny day to bring out the ladder to avoid any potential slip and falls, and clean out the pipes so water will be able to drain easily. If you have trees nearby, consider pruning them so debris won't build up as easily moving forward.

Since you're already up there, take a look around for any cracks in the tiles. They may be difficult to point out, but you should see any potentially large leaks fairly quickly. Alternatively, consider going up to the attic during the next rainy day to see if you can spot any water coming through. Getting ahead of the problem can save you from the costs that accrue with consistent wet damage.

Maintain the outdoors

Be sure to take some time to put away any lose items in your yard or garden that could easily be blown away or damaged from the wet weather. Similarly, if you have a pool you'll want to check the condition of it, put chemicals in for the winter and place a cover over it. Most experts recommend keeping a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6.

You don't have to avoid the outdoors altogether during the cold months, though. Consider purchasing an outdoor heater or chiminea so you can still enjoy the warm days without needing too much heavy clothing.

Fireplace safety

Temperatures are beginning to dip, which means the fireplace will be earning a lot more use. It's likely been a while since you last warmed up the house using it, so be sure to have a professional check the chimney to avoid any potential smoke build-up in the house. It wouldn't be a bad time to give the hearth another look either to see if there are any cracks or sign of wear and tear.

Along the same lines, take a couple of minutes to check that the smoke detectors are in working order. If your wired detectors are over 10 years old, it's time to get a replacement. Also make sure the fire extinguisher is serviced.

Stay warm and save money

Perhaps most important of all, you'll want to balance staying warm with keeping an affordable electric bill. Did you know you can save 30 per cent on your heating bill just by insulating your home properly? 

Simple math dictates that heating the entire home will cost more than doing so on a room-by-room basis. Make sure the doors of rooms that aren't in use are closed so you can trap warm air in the areas with the most foot traffic. Also, check that every window is closing properly to avoid losing any heat, and that you have a draft stopper at all points of entry.

While you're sprucing up your home, it may be wise to change all the lightbulbs to energy-efficient LEDs in a bid to save even more on your bills. Above all else, keep warm this winter and make sure your property in Bunbury does as well. If you're looking to rent or buy in the area, contact our team of property experts today.

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