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More locations for busking performances lined up for Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

Busking adds a vibrant element to any city, showcasing a wide range of different talents on the most pure stage there is: the street. And now there will be more opportunities for residents of real estate in Bunbury to take part in and enjoy the entertainment offered by these charming performances. 

Previously, the only places busking was allowed in Bunbury were Bicentennial Square and Paisley Square. However, now buskers will be free to apply to perform in Market Square, Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Anzac Park, Bunbury Wildlife Park and many other places across the region.  

The expansion of these busking areas was further evidence of the City of Bunbury's commitment to developing a creative region for people to live in and visit, according to mayor Gary Brennan.

"Attracting a greater range and number of street performances will add to the atmosphere around the City, in turn attracting a greater number of residents and visitors into the central business district," said Mr Brennan in a 7 April statement. 

This expansion follows consultation and feedback from the public, reflecting the area's desire for more arts and entertainment in the city centre. 

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