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More Western Australians Plan to Move

By Kevin Kelly

Thinking of moving in the next few years? You're not alone. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) approximately 491,000 adults in Western Australia anticipate moving in the next three years. 

Those involved in Bunbury property management can expect an influx of buyers and renters, as more people vacate their current properties in search of a higher-quality home.

Of all people looking for real estate in Bunbury and elsewhere in Western Australia, 73 per cent want to live in a separate house rather than a townhouse or flat.

When picking out their dream home, 42 per cent of those planning to move are looking for an area they are familiar with, while 38 per cent prioritise being close to family and friends.

Age and position in life plays a major role in decision making as well. Young couples don't need as much space as families, and they probably aren't as concerned about being close to a good school. Senior citizens consider being close to family and friends much more important, and they also take geographical location into account.

The ABS survey indicates a mobile market in Western Australia, which bodes well for real estate in Australind

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