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New improvements to be added to Hungry Hollow beach

By Kevin Kelly

In a continued effort to maintain the city's infrastructure, the Bunbury council has announced plans to improve access to the beach at Hungry Hollow. The development could be exciting for residents of real estate in Bunbury who love having the chance to visit the beach all year round. 

During many winter seasons, the bottom of the access stairway is washed away, causing it to be closed the stairs are repaired. This can cause annoying delays for people hoping to visit the beach, as well as costing the council money to constantly make these repairs. 

City of Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan said the beach will be closed from 7 April for the rest of the month while the issues of erosion are addressed and the improvements are made to the infrastructure. 

"Hungry Hollow is a popular beach for everyone from surfers to families, even during the colder months, and the city is ensuring access to one of our great natural assets is always available to residents and visitors alike," said Mr Brennan in a 27 March statement. 

This could be great news for beach lovers living in Bunbury, giving them access to Hungry Hollow with ease. 

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