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New smartphone app could encourage Bunbury property management

By Kevin Kelly

There are plenty of good reasons to think about property management in Bunbury and the launch of a new smartphone app is only likely to add to them.

The Western Australian government has released the free app to help tenants be better acquainted with their legal rights by covering a wide range of issues.

For example, tenants will be able to work out how much they could be expected to pay a landlord before moving into a property, as well as save photos included in property condition reports.

"Users can keep track of the constant payment deadlines, appointments and proper notice periods," said minister for commerce Michael Mischin.

"Whether you want to quickly find out about rent increases, getting your bond back or what to do with a breach notice, the app provides simple advice about it all."

Landlords should be aware that if a tenant inputs data that suggests they are not following the law, they will receive an alert warning them of the fact.

A property manager should be able to help you avoid legal pitfalls and guide you in the right direction when it comes to your investment, making the process of running an investment property much easier.

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