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Pet ownership in Western Australia can boost your Bunbury rentals

By Kevin Kelly

Owning a pet in Australia is becoming more and more common, as the Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC) estimates that there are 33 million pets in the country. The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) figures, for example, that there are 19 dogs for every 100 residents of Australia, and there are more of both fish and birds as well. With figures such as that, the likelihood that a potential tenant looking at houses to rent in Bunbury is going to have a pet is very high.

How can rental owners capitalise?

Real estate in Bunbury can benefit from altering a home in order to allow for pet ownership. Having so many potential pets coming into the region, and SAFE Bunbury finding new homes for around 400 animals every year, rental properties would appear much more attractive if they were set up to house an animal companion.

Installing carpet that does not show stains or tiles that are easy to clean are simple ways that a homeowner can pet-proof a property. Even providing a powerful vacuum cleaner is going to minimise the amount of animal hair or mess around the house.

Whoever your preferred tenant is, the easy-to-clean floors or even wall paints can ease your mind about who is living in your property because no matter the amount of wine spillage and drawings on walls that may appear, you will be able to keep your rental in pristine condition without completely replacing carpet or repainting walls. It can also be an attractive option for renters themselves, as they would not have to worry about spills because they would be so easy to remove. Pet owners would be the ones to benefit the most, however.

Taking advantage of the popular idea that is having a household companion could be a very shrewd move for rental property owners. Contact Ray White Bunbury today to see how the team can help you to manage your rental property.

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