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Planning and Building Process Upgraded in Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury residents are being given the opportunity to have a greater input in decision making processes, as a series of changes are made to planning and development procedures.

Advertising notices have been devised to show any changes to planning schemes and development proposals, which will be placed on relevant real estate in Bunbury.

Locals will be able to differentiate the two types of notices on the basis of their colour. The aqua and orange notices are large enough to be seen by passing motorists and pedestrians.

A number of fact sheets have also been developed, which are designed to assist residents with any building and planning applications they may have submitted.

These sheets can be downloaded online or picked up from council offices.

Bob Karaszkewych, the City of Bunbury's director of planning and development services, explained how the changes would allow for greater communication between authorities and residents.

"Fact sheets offer a free one-stop-shop approach to valuable information that leads to quicker processing of applications and decisions saving time and money," he noted.

Mr Karaszkewych indicated that greater participation will help people realise they are able to make a submission knowing it will be considered by their local council.

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