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Renovations to Bunbury’s Cafe Strip

By Kevin Kelly

After 16 months of construction, the major renovations to Bunbury's cafe strip on Victoria Street are complete. Completing the design and undergoing consultations took 12 months, while the remodelling was finished in only 4 months.

In addition to being more aesthetically appealing, the area extending from Symmons Street to Wellington Street is now safer for pedestrians and cars, as the road has been resurfaced.

Owners of real estate in Bunbury can look forward to visiting the cafe strip with greater ease, as the repairs have made the area easier to access. Fresh footpaths have been installed, the road has undergone significant repairs and the street is now equipped with better drainage.

"The new drainage will also have a major impact on keeping the area dry, while the new footpaths and curbing will ensure it is much easier to hold street events, as they are now
level with the road," said Ian Browning, Team Leader Programs and Projects.

Efforts have been made to beautify the area as well, with colourful planter boxes drawing attention to the street's added alfresco dining areas.

Those considering or offering houses to rent in Bunbury will benefit from the newly renovated street, which will have decorative lighting and banners added in early October to complete the new look. 

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