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Residents get their say in Bunbury’s city planning

By Kevin Kelly

Knowing your ideas are being listened to is a great situation to be in and those living in real estate in Bunbury East recently had some of their suggestions made a reality.

Late last year, two studies were carried out by the Bunbury Chamber of Commerce to find out how the city could be made better for everyone who lives there.

One survey looked at planning and development, while the other centred on ways to improve Bunbury.

Results of the research have been analysed by the local council, with suggestions including everything from improved parking facilities and a revamped town planning scheme.

Councillors have identified a site in the south of the city that would be perfect for the construction of a multi-storey car park, boasting anywhere between 450 and 500 bays.

Meanwhile, the bottom level could be used for commercial purposes, no doubt bringing further investment to Bunbury.

Suggestions were also made that the paid parking program in the CBD should be changed slightly to allow you to benefit from an hour's free parking when shopping.

Paid parking currently begins after 9 a.m, but plans are being considered to make it later to benefit Bunbury residents.

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