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Running free in Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

In the little slice of paradise that is Bunbury, even long-time residents may be unaware of all the cool and interesting things happening in their own backyard. It's part of what makes looking for houses to rent in Bunbury a wise choice indeed – there's so much to do and see!

For instance, did you know Bunbury has its very own professional freerunning team?

What is freerunning?

Freerunning is a form of urban athletics where participants run, jump and do tricks through an obstacle-laden area. It is a more expressive and performative version of parkour, which takes similar athletic skills and applies them to getting between one point and another as quickly and efficiently as possible. Both involve running across rooftops, jumping over obstacles and darting through barriers, but with their own distinct philosophies – where parkour is about utility and speed, freerunning is about both performance and play.

Who is X5 Academy?

X5 academy is Bunbury's professional freerunning team. The five members started training together in 2011, and they haven't looked back since. They've competed in a variety of locales, such as Singapore and Sydney.

In January, they hosted national and international athletes at their Freerun X5 jam event, which aimed to show the sport off to members of the Bunbury community. Recently they've opened up their own freerunning gym for people to attend.

How can I take part?

Found at unit 2, 8c Picton road, the X5 academy's specialist gym is set-up for people that want to learn and train for freerunning, with features like a tricking area, swinging bars and a foam pit. The guys also run classes teaching prospective freerunners of all ages.

The gym has grown a lot since its beginnings, and now boasts almost 300 people in regular attendance. The owner, Will Tuck, told the Bunbury Mail, "it's great to see that there is change happening in the community and people are becoming more aware of what it is."

They're also planning another Freerun X5 jam event for April next year – you can visit their Facebook page to hear updates and get in touch with the crew about joining their gym.

Bunbury is one of those places where there is a little something for everyone. If you're considering a move, and you'd like more information on renting or buying Bunbury real estate, get in touch with the team at Ray White today.

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