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Safety standards for Bunbury rentals get an update

By Kevin Kelly

Part of the job of the landlord is to make sure their tenants are supplied with the housing basics. No one wants to move in to a place without an oven, working electricity or – perhaps worst of all – no internet. These are just some of the essentials that no modern tenant would expect to live without. 

Luckily, renters who live in Bunbury rentals won't have to worry about lacking some of the basics thanks to changes to the Residential Tenancies Act that recently took effect. They initially began in 1 July 2013, but rental property owners had a grace period of 2 years in which to make the necessary changes. That time has now come. 

Some of the changes required are for main entry doors to have deadlocks, all external doors to be fitted with either patio bolt locks or deadlocks, windows to have some kind of locking system and for external lighting to be set up. Entry doors will also have to be either made from timber or have a metal security screen matched up. 

The news will be heartening for tenants, who will now be able to feel more confident their rental property is meeting safety standards. But as Real Estate Institute of Western Australia President David Airey pointed out, these developments will also be interesting for property owners, particularly given the current high vacancy rate.

"Given that the soft rental market is set to continue for a while yet, it is in the interests of owners to find, satisfy and secure good long-term tenants to avoid prolonged vacancy periods," he said in a July 15 statement. 

"If these things are not properly attended to then most prospective tenants won't even bother going to the home open."

Whenever you're looking for houses to rent in Bunbury, this should be one of the first things you look for. Up to date safety standards can serve as your guiding light when choosing between rental properties. 

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