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Save the date, Bunbury book lovers

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury's public libraries always offer an outstanding range of events and amusements, from school holiday distractions for the kids to educational occasions for adults. That's not to mention the information services and community-use spaces that they provide for locals. In fact, there's so much going on, it can be easy to forget the core offering that makes the libraries what they are: The actual books. 

Yes, the Bunbury Public Library can be a veritable haven for book lovers, with a formidable collection of tomes waiting to be scooped up and pored over by eager eyes. And for three days only, for once, residents of real estate in Australind, Eaton and other areas won't just have to settle for borrowing the books – they'll be able to take them home and keep them. 

From Thursday 17 September to Saturday 19 December, the Bunbury Public Library will be selling off hundreds of books in its collection for as low as $1 a book. Fiction, non-fiction, small-print, large, fantasy, politics, mystery, romance – whatever your vice, you'll likely be able to find something on one of the three days. It's an ideal event for the run-up to the warmer months, allowing you to make a summer reading list and find the books you need to start crossing names off it. 

The idea behind the sale is to purge the collection of old stock, unpopular titles or duplicates, and raise a bit of money to repopulate the library shelves with some fresh, new material. 

"Library stock needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure we have room for new books and also that the collection is in line with community interests," explained library services manager Sharon Chapman.

The books being sold will be restocked regularly throughout the three days, so it's worth checking in each day to see what's on display. Any locals who own real estate in Bunbury and are thinking about going should note that Saturday's sale only runs for three hours, until noon.

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