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Shopping in Bunbury CBD is a walk in the park

By Kevin Kelly

Shopping in the Bunbury CBD is about to become even easier. Owners of real estate in Bunbury love to take advantage of the great shopping venues in the Bunbury CBD, and the council's recent changes to parking will make getting there to the shops a breeze.

Bunbury city council has started rolling out a number of improvements to the CBD to get the city buzzing more than ever before. This follows a successful survey of Bunbury residents back in May of this year, as well as a petition by local business owners to improve parking in the CBD. The people spoke, and Bunbury council listened – here are some of the changes on the way. 

Parking up

Free parking is right around the corner, with changes to parking in the Bunbury CBD to be made after August 31 this year. Following the completion of these changes, shoppers in Bunbury CBD will get two free hours of street parking from Monday to Saturday.

If parking on the street isn't your cup of tea, the council has also voted to bump up the time limit in shopping and visitor car parks, from two hours to three.

Figuring out where to park will no longer be an issue either. The council has plans to swiftly improve all public parking signage around the CBD, so no more driving in circles looking for the right parking bay! Residents and local business owners have also pushed for the integration of more payment options on the street. Additionally, the council has said that mobile apps like PayStay may be implemented sooner rather than later, so you won't be watching the clock as you shop, as your phone will let you know when time is about to run out.

Community makes a difference

These changes are part of plans to see local businesses come together with the community to shape the future for Bunbury. With a similar goal in mind, Bunbury city council is offering funding of $4,000 and further significant support to local businesses or community groups interested in staging events in the CBD this coming summer. Last summer, residents of Bunbury enjoyed an Artisan Fayre, a parkour competition, and a Fringe Festival street party.

Bunbury is a city where everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute to creating a vibrant and flowing cityscape. If this is the sort of community you would like to be a part of, contact our expert real estate team to find your new Bunbury property today.

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