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Spring and Summer Prove to Be Second Best Time to Sell

By Kevin Kelly

The notion of summer and/or spring being the ideal time to sell your property is now being labelled an urban myth. according to RP Data. research analyst Cameron Kusher says whilst spring sees the highest number of listings there is evidence to prove that listings do not convert to the greatest number of sales.

Sales volumes between January 2000 and December 2009 were analysed and the results found that March is actually the busiest month for sales in Western Australia, including Bunbury and surrounding areas.

Results also confirmed that spring is only the second busiest season for purchasers with autumn attracting 26.6 per cent of all sales in comparison to 25.4 per cent in spring, 25.3 per cent in winter and 22.7 per cent during summer.

Many believe the contributing factors relating to autumn being the most popular time to sell are due to the weather being milder, the football season being over and the fact that March is at the beginning of the year when new year resolutions are being made and attempted.

The research also found that over a five-year period to December 2009, the highest number of listing occurred during November followed closely by October. These results were also reflected in the advertising results, which found November was in general the busiest time to advertise a property for sale.

For those wishing to sell their property, the suggestion is to sell in March (autumn) and buyers can find the best deals in the Christmas / New Year period.

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