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Street traders energising Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury rentals could benefit from the Bunbury City Council's decision to allow street traders to work in public spaces around the city.

The increased attraction to live in Bunbury, whether permanently or while studying, for example, will be enhanced by the popular worldwide trend of allowing local vendors to operate in suitable opens spaces.

The council continues to do work to improve the community feel around the city, and the entire economy could reap the rewards.

Street-side selling a go

While the proposition to activate public spaces is going ahead, there will be a selection process to determine which businesses can operate in a certain area after finding a space that is suited to being used.

"This is a two stage process where the City will identify the desired areas and then consider applications by traders to operate in those areas," said Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan.

The selection process will also incorporate potential benefits of placing more than one business in a particular area to see a greater return from both.

"It can also include traders identifying how they can work together to activate a space. For example, a fitness activity could be complimented by a coffee van in a particular location, an arrangement that would have mutual benefits for both parties," said Mr Brennan.

What could the city see? lists 81 food trucks operating in Melbourne alone, making it an extremely popular choice for people wanting to open a street business.

Coffee vans are also becoming more popular, and if Mr Brennan's idea comes to fruition then there will also be outdoor fitness academies operating in parks. In a Healthshare blog post, Sports Medicine Australia states that regular exercise can reduce stress levels, increase bone and muscle strength, improve posture and help with more restful sleep. The benefits are hard to argue with.

As the community becomes more lively and exciting with these street vendors, owners of Bunbury rentals could see great returns.

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