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Surf lifesaving receives a welcome injection

By Kevin Kelly

Last week there was an announcement about the surf lifesaving budget for the remainder of 2016 – and it's super news for beach-goers around our beautiful city.

With so many people wanting to hit the waves around the Western Australian coastline, it's important to remember how much we need lifesavers to keep us safe. Real estate in Bunbury as well as Bunbury rentals may well become more popular as water safety surges around our beaches.

The budget making waves

A $23,000 funding scheme was announced that is set to solely benefit the 600 members of Bunbury lifesaving clubs, and that means better equipment to keep swimmers safe.

"There are more than 600 members of the club who work hard to provide and ensure safety to beach-goers," said Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan.

"It also provides strong mentoring support for younger members and its long-serving members, who are highly regarded in the community."

The lifesaving club itself has also needed refurbishments for some time, according to a media release from the Bunbury City Council. And that's all good news for the population of Western Australia who are striving to completely remove ocean-related deaths from their communities.

Taking a stand on water deaths

In 2014/15, there were 43,567 preventative actions taken by Western Australian surf lifesaving members, which is up on the previous two years, as reported in the Surf Lifesaving Western Australia Annual Report.

However, there were still 10 coastal drownings around the state, and that's 10 too many. While it's not a large percentage of the 271 who drowned in the whole country, there are still measures that can be taken to stop the toll completely.

This new cash injection could be the solution that Bunbury needs, and hopefully residents start seeing immediate results.

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