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Tenants: Staying Harmonious With Your Landlord

By Kevin Kelly

If you're a tenant looking into houses to rent in Bunbury, there are sure to be a number of potential options for you to choose from. However, making sure you're the best possible tenant you can be will help you to find a home and stay there for an extended period of time.

For example, something as simple as staying on top of your rental payments could go a long way to earning you favour with a landlord. Setting up an automatic payment can help you to keep this in check without having to stress about it each week.

If you keep your landlord satisfied and have an amicable relationship with them, you might even get away without increasing rents and other complications that can sometimes be imposed by landlords.

Another thing to remember is that you don't own the property; your landlord does.

Undertaking any renovations or changes to the property without first consulting the landlord is a violation of the terms you agreed to when moving in, and could cause problems further in the future.

Furthermore, just keeping the property in a relatively clean state can go a long way to winning you the favour of your landlord, which is always nice to have for a smoother living situation.

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