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The makings of a pet-friendly home

By Kevin Kelly

Residents of real estate in Bunbury sure love their pets. Walk out into the street on any given day and you're likely to see a collection of dogs being walked, cats climbing trees and maybe even the odd sheep or cow wandering about a paddock.

Bunbury is a fantastic area to live in if you've got a beloved critter to call your own. It's not enough to find a pet-friendly area, however – you also have to find a property that your pet will love as much as you do. Here are a few elements of a property that might serve your furry friends well. 

An ample yard

We didn't really have to tell you this one, did we? Whatever your pet happens to be, but particularly if it's a dog, you'll want to have a generously sized backyard for them to run and roll around in. Not only is this better for their mental health, it means you're minimising the amount of time they're spending inside. So before you buy that piece of real estate in Bunbury South, make sure rover's got enough room to run out back. 

Pet-proof materials

There's few things more frustrating than having to constantly gather up balls of hair on the carpet and furniture, especially when the hair stubbornly sticks. Choose a home – and furniture for it – made from materials that will reduce the incidence of this. You might look for a property with hardwood, laminate or stone tile flooring, for instance. You might also forego leather for your couch, as it can wear easily with a pet jumping on it all the time. Consider microfibre, which is durable and easy to clean. 

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