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Time to prepare your property for storm season

By Kevin Kelly

There are many great reasons to live in Western Australia, but no matter what, one of the things you can't control is the weather.

Whether it's wind, rain, hail or sunshine, we just never know what mother nature has in store for us.

However, it's safe to say that this time of year is when storms are most likely to occur, so it's time to think about making your real estate in Eaton ready for whatever nature throws at it.

You might know that 12-18 May is Storm Awareness Week in Western Australia, so take note of some of the top tips to get your home storm ready.

OK, clearing out your gutters and trimming back trees might not sound like the most exciting of tasks, but the truth is it could save your home from a whole lot of storm damage.

Experts also recommend you give those cracked ridge tiles some TLC, as well as any loose tiles and nails you might have been neglecting on your roof.

"While winter does not officially start until next month, it is vital to get your home, business and family ready while conditions are still relatively mild," said emergency services minister Joe Francis.

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