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Top 4 tourist attractions in Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

When you live in a city, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to show friends and family when they come to visit. After all, as an owner of real estate in Bunbury, you might not have ever visited the most popular tourist attractions in your own neck of the woods.

If you have visitors, what are the best things to show them in Bunbury?

1. Marlston Hill Lookout Tower

A great way to start showing people around the place you live is to let them see it all from up high. The perfect spot for that in Bunbury is the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. Standing on the site of the original Bunbury lighthouse, the lookout tower gives those that climb it a view of many of Bunbury's attractions: beaches, the bustling harbour and, if you're lucky, dolphins swimming in Koombana Bay.

2. Bunbury Farmers Market

Getting a sense of the community is sometimes difficult for visitors who might not have the time to really absorb what it's like to live amongst it. It can be hard to get a sense of the community in a short visit, but the thriving community of Bunbury is impossible to not recognise when you see it.

The farmer's market, for example, is a great option to show your guests what the place is all about. Their website reports that 90 per cent of the produce on offer is so fresh that it was in the ground only two days before! It's almost impossible to get any fresher than that, so pick up some fresh produce and create a home-cooked feast for your guests!

3. Mangrove Boardwalk

For a relaxing walk and a look at some of the local flora and fauna, you can't beat the Mangrove Boardwalk. A relaxing 5km stroll around the Leschenalut Inlet has you walking through the southern-most mangroves in the country, throughout which live over 60 species of water bird. The trail is suitable for walking, cycling and wheelchairs, so all of your guests will be able to take part.

4. Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre

Whenever you visit a place, it's nice to get a sense of its history, so you can better understand how the city got to where it is. In Bunbury, you can take your guests to the Museum and Heritage Centre, a space filled will objects and stories from the area's past. There are interactive displays that allow people to pick and choose the information they want to take in, so you can choose to show your guests what you think are Bunbury's most interesting stories.

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