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Two new furry friends join Bunbury Wildlife Park

By Kevin Kelly

The Bunbury Wildlife Park is one of the most fun family-friendly attractions in the greater Bunbury area. People who own or rent real estate in Australind, Eaton and other local areas are well aware of how only a quick trip to the attraction can turn into an entertaining day out that lasts hours. The recent temporary addition of two new furry friends to the park's repertoire of critters should provide a worthwhile excuse for local residents to drop by yet again. 

The park has recently announced that two male quokkas, Stuart and Plum, have been loaned from Perth Zoo, and arrived on July 20. The aim is to eventually get a pair of females too, to allow for breeding and ensure the species' continued survival. 

"The mainland quokka is part of a strict breeding program, so Perth Zoo's approval to house the quokkas here is a testament to the quality of the facilities, staff and volunteers at the park," said the city of Bunbury manager of tourism. 

Quokkas are a small species of wallaby, measuring typically around 40-54 cm in length and weighing 2.7-4.2 kg, according to Perth Zoo. They are considered a vulnerable species, thanks to both the introduction of dingoes thousands of years ago and the arrival of foxes in the 19th century. They are now typically only found on Rottnest Island and the south-west Australian mainland. 

Families living in real estate in Eaton will be well positioned to take advantage of the arrival of these cuddly creatures and make a day out of visiting the park. The quokkas are on display every day between 10 am and 5 pm, so there's plenty of time to catch the critters.

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