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Upgrades introduced to Prinsep Street

By Kevin Kelly

As a resident of real estate in Bunbury, it's more than likely you've come across Prinsep Street on your strolls around the city centre.

In which case, you'll be glad to hear that various changes are being made to the area, not only to make it safer, but also more accessible to those who need it most.

The intersection between Prinsep Street and Victoria Street can get pretty hectic at peak times, so it's being made safer for pedestrian use.

If you often find yourself catching taxis in the area, you'll notice that the Prinsep Street taxi rank is being moved to a new location to make it easier for wheelchair users to get into vehicles.

The Bunbury Bike Plan is also being put into action, which is aimed at getting more people to hop on their bikes to travel all over the city and beyond.

City of Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan said: "Making the CBD safe and accessible is a high priority for Council and we aim to do whatever we can to improve our facilities and services for all residents and visitors."

The project is expected to take around three weeks to complete, after which you should find Bunbury an even safer place to be!

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