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What does the strategic community plan have in store for Bunbury?

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury is a city with a vibrant and engaged community. Nowhere is this easier to see than in the strategic community plan that was recently approved by the Bunbury City Council. This is a document that outlines the long-term vision the community has for the city, including its values, aspirations and objectives over the next 10 years.

What does the community plan have to say about Bunbury and its future?

What the community likes about Bunbury

Part of the plan's construction involved surveying members of the Bunbury community and asking them what they liked about the city. These were some of the top answers:

  • The natural beauty of the city, with its ocean views and access,
  • The peaceful lifestyle and the multicultural vibe,
  • The ease of travel in the city, especially in relation to homes.

All of this points to the fact that Bunbury is a safe and social place where community isn't forgotten about like it can be in other larger cities.

The future of Bunbury

Besides asking the community what they like about Bunbury, they were also asked where they want the city to go in the future. The report collated these responses into four key areas:

1. Our community and culture

Three words summarise the community's desires around this point – safe, healthy and cohesive. The community wants the culture in Bunbury to be one that is supportive and welcoming to all. To achieve this, there are a number of programs and plans in the works, including community sport and recreation, disability access, events and age-friendly accessibility.

2. Our economy

The community wants Bunbury's economy to thrive and to play to its strengths. They'll do this by building on its competitive advantage, as well as creating an environment that fosters innovation and business thinking.

3. Our places and spaces

A natural and built environment that reflects the values of the city is something that's being worked towards through improving things like cycle paths and footways, the streetscapes, as well as playgrounds and leisure areas.

4.  Our city

There is a strong desire for the community and those that govern it to work in greater harmony for a better future. Efforts are in place to improve the perception of the performance of the city council, as well as improving the consultation the council makes with the community before embarking on projects that will affect them.

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