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What insulating your home could do

By Kevin Kelly

Bushfires are commonplace in Western Australia, and with the Australian government's Bureau of Meteorology finding that the mean temperature for the month of February 2015 in Bunbury was 30.1 degrees, making sure properties are resistant to the elements can save money. More efficient real estate in Bunbury will be more attractive to the clued-up buyers of the future.

What are the options?

Insulation is a key part of improving the energy efficiency of a house as up to 45 per cent of heating or cooling energy can be lost through the roof alone, according to the Australian government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Insulation minimises heat transfer and loss, which is why a house can often feel too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Heat transfers from hot to cold, so in the summer a house will generally be cooler than the outside, but a poorly insulated house will allow too much heat in and be much less efficient to cool down with an air-conditioning system or a fan. The opposite occurs in the winter months, as heaters are used inside and the poor insulation allows heat transfer to the outside, which means more power will be used to less effect.

"The one thing that we're finding is that people are choosing not to insulate, or they're not even thinking about insulation when they're doing new projects," stated Sandra Skelly of Comfort Heat to Sourceable.

As the Western Australian climate keeps getting harsher on homes, proper insulation can save money as heating and cooling will not be lost to the outside. For buyers of the present and future, insulation will be a key and could add serious value to your home.

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