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What makes rental properties appealing to tenants?

By Kevin Kelly

If you're interested in purchasing houses to rent in Bunbury, it could be worth looking into the local amenities before securing property in any one particular area. 

The locality of certain everyday infrastructures is often sought out by people looking into long-term rental situations for them and their families. Some of the most common ones relate to transport, food and places for children to be during the day. 

Schooling Options

Unsurprisingly, a major thing that many people look out for is the location of schools and kindergartens in relation to potential living areas. This could be one of the things to consider before purchasing an investment property in Bunbury. 

Providing a safe environment for children of all ages to spend their days – whether at pre-school ages, primary school or higher – is an important aspect for most people looking into relocation. 

Home Offices

Another fixture of homes becoming increasingly popular with renters and home buyers alike today is the inclusion of a working space in the family home. With many people beginning to become less physically connected to their work, homes with a spare office room are often highly sought after. 

Whether this means undertaking a renovation or simply converting an existing bedroom, creating one of these spaces could be a great way to help increase the appeal of your Bunbury real estate to potential renters. 

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