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What to think about when adding a swimming pool to your property

By Kevin Kelly

Western Australia's hot and sunny weather makes it the perfect location for a backyard swimming pool. It's no surprise then that Perth has one of the highest number of pool owners in the country, according to Roy Morgan research.

If you're thinking about installing a pool in your Bunbury property, it's worth planning out your design, as well as trying to be realistic about how it'll be used and why you want it before you start digging.

1) Is your pool for exercise or fun? 

One key design consideration is whether it's for the kids to enjoy splashing about in, or if you want to use it to replace the gym. If it's exercise you want, make sure the pool will be long enough that you're not stopping to turn around every 20 seconds.

However, if it's all about the kids, it's worth thinking about positioning it where you can keep an eye on them, and ensuring they have space to dry off before dripping water all through your home.

2) Will it add value when you come to sell?

The jury is still out when it comes to whether or not a pool will add value to your property. It really depends on the quality of your pool, how much it costs to maintain and what's most common amongst other comparable properties.

On top of that, it's also down to the personal preference of your potential buyers. They may perceive a pool as too much hassle, or they may choose a property with a pool over one without and part with extra cash to secure it.

Something to consider in the design stage, is how much of the existing garden a pool will take up. Keen gardeners will be put off by a pool that takes up almost the entire outdoor space, but might like one that blends into the surrounds.

Remember, if you're only building a pool to add value – it may be easier to persuade buyers that they could install one themselves, than part with their own money to remove it.

3) How long will you enjoy it for?

Before taking the plunge, consider how much use you'll get from a pool and for how long. Young families might get years of use, but if your children are going off to university soon and you're not a keen swimmer, you might not get as much from it as you thought. 

Likewise, if you're getting to the stage where you might want to downsize in the not too distant future, it may not be worth the effort or cost. This is especially true if you'll need to re-landscape or move power cables etc.

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