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What wildlife will you see in your backyard in Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

Are you a nature lover? Good news for you! Bunbury's community is recognised as one of 25 global biodiversity hotspots as it has some of the most endangered species of anywhere in the country. The flora is incredibly diverse as well, so you're in for some unique plant life too.

Let's see what you have to look forward to seeing when you live in this neck of the woods. 

Wildlife in Bunbury

There are tonnes of cool animals to be found around the backyards of Bunbury real estate. Many of the he neighbourhoods in Bunbury are often right next door to some of the major parks and reserves like Manea Park or the Maidens Reserve. But you never know, some of the wildlife might end up passing through your yard. The region is filled with furry animals like possums, the common wallaroo, wallabies and, of course, kangaroo. 

In the trees, you'll find branches filled with colourful feathered birds singing their exotic tunes to you. You won't be able to miss the rainbow lorikeet, but you'll certainly have to look a little harder for the southern boobook owl! Bird lovers should have a pair of binoculars prepared at all times. 

You're certainly not short of amazing places to go for a long nature walk as well, the area is loaded with various paths. You can truly see it all. 

Bunbury Wildlife Park

Want to get up close and personal with some of the critters? Head to the Bunbury Wildlife Park and check out all the different animals that call this reserve home. There is a variety of marsupials, like the brush tail possum, red kangaroo and tiger quoll that you can see bouncing about. Check the trees for a range of birds like the Eastern king parrot, sulphur crested cockatoo or scaly breasted lorikeet. And be careful where you step climbing over rocks, you might see reptiles like the king skink or amphibians like the green tree frogs. 

The park also has a number of experiences that allow you to pet the kangaroos, hang out with the emus or sing with the cockatoos.The great part about this park is that it also lets you host your kid's birthday parties here. It's perfect for family outings! 

Interested in being a part of this wild community? Get in contact with our friendly and helpful team here at Ray White Bunbury.

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