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Why you should be whale watching on the Western Australia coast

By Kevin Kelly

The coast of Western Australia is a hot spot for whale watching. Bunbury property owners have some of the world's largest mammals gliding past their doorsteps for a significant portion of the year. If you haven't ventured beyond our beautiful beaches to see the action up close, you'll want to after you've read our reasons for taking a trip out this year.

Three reasons for whale watching in Western Australia

1. You could see several varieties on one trip

It's the migration season that provides an opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close. Humpbacks, southern rights and blue whales depart the chilly southern ocean for the warmer waters of the Australian coast, before making the return journey within a few months.

Blue whales are amongst the rarest species of whales and Western Australia is the only place in the country you'll see them as they travel past from March to May. At the same time, the humpbacks head north for their annual dating ritual, with groups of males on the search for a new female mate. 

The southern right whales arrive from July and their season peaks in August with mothers and calves spending some time in our calmer waters. A few humpbacks will also be visible at this time of year. 

2. There's a lot of them, thousands in fact

Nicknamed the Humpback Highway, the section of Western Australia's waters that hosts the largest marine mammals sees in the region of 35,000 whales making the 13,000 kilometre return journey every year.

September to December sees the humpbacks working their way back along the coast, often with calves in tow, as they head out of their warm playground waters and back to the Southern Ocean for summer feeding. 

3. If you're really lucky, you'll see more than you bargained for 

If all of the above aren't enough for you, from January to April a trip down south to Bremer Bay could result in a meeting orcas. The large family who visit Bremer Bay often curious enough to approach the boat. 

Other potential visitors to the area include sperm, beaked and minke whales, and there's often a good chance of bumping into a few inquisitive bottlenose dolphins on the way. 

Whether you're familiar with the area and all of its attractions or just moving in, contact Ray White for your Bunbury real estate needs.

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