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Will Bunbury residents have estate plans, or won’t they?

By Kevin Kelly

A house is not a home; that is to say, that's not all it is. Sure, your piece of real estate in Bunbury South, Australind, Eaton or other areas provides shelter from the elements for you and your family, as well as being the location of many a cherished memory. But along with all that, your property is also a valuable investment that, for many of us, will be the primary way we pass down our wealth to the next generation. 

However, making the arrangements to ensure your house and other assets pass down to the right hands can be difficult to organise. Just as well that next month will see a series of free information sessions on will, estates and family law held as part of the Bunbury Libraries' Live and Learn program. Armed with this information, residents of Bunbury and surrounding areas will be better equipped to make plans for after they're gone. 

Wills, estates and family law – oh my!

There will be three sessions held in total. The first, on wills and estates, is due to take place at Withers Community Library on Monday 10 August, from 10 to 11 am. Then August 20 at 5-6pm will see a session on Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney take place at Bunbury Library. Finally, the last session will be held on 3 September in the same time and location, focusing on family law. 

Spaces are limited, so anyone interested in coming along is encouraged to book by emailing the Bunbury Library or by phoning 9792 7190 or 9792 7244. 

Creating an foolproof estate plan is a complex task fraught with challenges. Even just choosing the right person to serve as the executor of your will can be difficult, along with deciding whether you need to set up a testamentary trust or not. Questions like these can be answered at the sessions, and will hopefully help you make sure your real estate in Bunbury is properly taken care of.

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