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Youth becoming a focus in Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury has long been a destination for West Australian's looking to have a tranquil beach side holiday – and now, families are being encouraged to visit the region more than ever with a new festival hitting the region. Bunbury real estate could well see some great returns on the back of that.

How is the city encouraging our youth community to live positive, healthy lives? The SHIFT 2016 festival is the start, and that kicks off on 8 April, 2016.

Week-long fun for all

The SHIFT will encompass the arts, dancing, music and sports in a week filled with fun and a healthy focus on being drug-free.

The festival itself is being run by Drug Aware, and will start on Friday in the Bunbury City Art Galleries. There will even be Beach Olympics at Koombana Bay on 15 April, which is sure to help kids and young adults alike find an appreciation for the great outdoors that Bunbury has in such large quantities.

"The Festival shows off the abundance of young talent in Bunbury while also highlighting the positive impact the younger generation can have on the wider community," said Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan.

Helping the health of the city

Drug Aware suggests that there are a number of prevalent threats to young people when it comes to narcotics – some of them might not even be by choice: drink spiking, for example.

"The Drug Aware message has been very well received when promoted at Healthway sponsored events," said Healthway acting executive director Maree De Lacey.

"Four out of every five people who attend an event where Drug Aware is promoted say they are aware of the message and most say they understand what it means."

Any encouragement for the youth of our city to stay away from dangerous substances should be seen as a great leap forward. Parents thinking of buying or renting real estate in Bunbury might be pushed over the line because of events such as The SHIFT 2016.

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