Manage My Property

When it comes to expert property management companies around Bunbury, Ray White is the company you can trust. Operating out of our convenient location in the heart of Bunbury, we provide the very best in specialised residential property management services.
We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service to every one of our valued customers. Through our use of the local media, the extensive Ray White network, and promotion on the Internet we can give your property local, national, and international exposure.

Why Hire us to Manage your Property?
Getting New Tenants:

  • Sign management agents authority
  • Confirm current insurance policies
  • Attend to marketing activities
  • Write advertising copy
  • Place advertising
  • Attend to enquiries
  • Conduct viewing appointments
  • Provide owner with weekly feedback
  • Process application
  • Present to owner for approval
  • Conduct Property Condition Report
  • Prepare lease documentation
  • Sign up tenant
  • Confirm tenant’s sign up with owner
  • Advise local authority, water corporation and state taxation
  • Advise strata company
  • Ensure new management checklist is fully completed

Manage Your Existing Tenants:

  • Sign management agents authority
  •  Organise ‘take over’ date with owner or existing managing agent
  •  Confirm current insurance policies
  •  Advise local authority, water corporation and state taxation
  •  Advise strata company
  •  Advise tenant of impending inspection and how to pay rent
  •  Conduct rent review
  •  Conduct inspection
  •  Check status of current PCR report
  •  Present to owner for approval
  •  Conduct Property Condition Report
  •  Inform the owner of outcomes of inspection and rent review
  •  Negotiate lease renewal
  •  Ensure tenants ‘handover pack’ is complete
  •  Ensure new management checklist is fully completed

You could complete all this yourself or you could do what countless other property owners are doing and enlist the aid of Ray White, a member of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia.
If you want high quality and competitively priced property management service in Bunbury contact us.
When you book an appointment with our Business Development Manager you’ll receive a free, no obligation rental appraisal of your home or investment property.