Selling Tips

A property that presents well, sells well

For most of us, the family home is the most valuable asset we have. Not presenting it properly may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Here are some presentation tips:

  1. Carry out a major spring clean. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, wash down the walls (even consider repainting some of the badly marked walls), clean all the windows and doors, scrub down the kitchen and bathroom.
  2. Dont forget outside and the garden. Wash down the outside walls and windows, perhaps even consider painting the eaves and gutters – you will be amazed how much smarter this can make a house look. Mow the lawns, weed the garden and generally make sure everything is tidy. Dont forget the garage and the garden shed.
  3. Other things to look for include: dripping taps and toilet cisterns, cracked window panes, loose or missing tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, tatty fly screens, windows and doors that stick, handles that dont work, blown light bulbs and cobwebs.
  4. Look at how much furniture you have in the house. Too much can make a house look cluttered and smaller than it really is.

There are a lot of people who put their properties on the market who do not do these things. Just imagine how much better your house will look compared to theirs.


It is best to give your agent a key to your home. The easier it is for your agent to have access to your property, the better. If you are home when your agent telephones for an inspection, a time can be made to bring the prospective buyers around.

If you are not home and you are happy for the agent to use the key, the agent can come and do the inspection straight away. Otherwise we will provide you with 24 hours notice.

Try to leave the house to the agent and the buyers during inspection times. Buyers will feel more comfortable if they know the owner is out.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure valuables such as jewellery, cash and wallets are not lying around.
  2. Make the property welcoming – light and airy in the summer and bright and cosy in the winter. Light the fire if you have one.
  3. Keep the major thoroughfares clear of toys and things so it is easy for people to move around.
  4. If you have a family pet, try to keep it out of the way.
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