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Why Sell With Us?

Selecting an agent 
Most people choose to use a real estate agent to sell their property. A good agent is an experienced and trained professional who will guide you through the selling process.

When selecting an agent, some things to look for are:

  1. Is the agent active in your area, selling similar properties to yours.
  2. How professional is the agent?
  3. Is the agent up to date with what is selling in your area?
  4. How would you rate their marketing material? Look at things such as their ads, signs, marketing flyers, sales brochures and office.
  5. Do they have a web site, is it regularly updated and is it easy to use?
  6. Do they provide testimonials from satisfied clients?
  7. Does the agent have a good reputation?
  8. Do you feel comfortable with the agent?
  9. What commission does the agent charge and what services will they provide you with? Cheapest is rarely the best.

Methods of Sale
Basically, there are two main methods of sale – private treaty and auction.

  1. Private Treaty. It involves listing your property for sale at a specific price. Interested parties then make offers through the agent. Negotiations continue until a price is agreed on. Contracts are then sent to the nominated conveyances.
  2. Auction. Sale by auction is where buyers compete for the purchase of a property by making successive bids, the property being sold to the highest bidder once the reserve price has been reached. Contracts are then signed and handed over to conveyencer.

As with all other aspects of the selling process, an agent can advise you on what is best for you.

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